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Neighbors 1st FCU

Saratogas Community FCU


In hard times, borrowing is sometimes a necessary part of life.

And during those good times, smart borrowing can make your sweet dreams attainable and open doors to exciting outcomes!

How can Neighbors 1st FCU help in All Times?

We can help you by offering

  • simple solutions,
  • competitive rates
  • and great service

Great! What types of loans are offered?

Vehicle Loans, Personal Loans, Share Secured Loans, Home Equity Loans, and VISA credit cards

First Mortgages Now Availalbe - click here for more information.

Can I refinance an existing loan?

Yes, Neighbors 1st can save you $$$ on your existing non-Neighbors 1st loans. Bring your loan to Neighbors 1st FCU and SAVE!

How do I apply for a Neighbors 1st FCU loan?

Apply On-line It’s fast and easy!


Print and FAX your completed application to: 717-762-0094


Stop in at 626 N Grant St, Waynesboro, PA


Call us at 717-762-8437